If you are obsessed with the Tour de France, bookmark this site! For the month of July, I will ignore work, family and friends to write about the world’s most prestigious bike race. My mother inspired me to start this blog when she said that her boss’ 60-year-old husband would be racing in the 2008 Tour (see “No Jersey Judges in the Tour“). Can’t blame her. There are a lot of people who don’t understand the Tour. And, like my mom, you don’t have to be a cycling geek to read this blog. You only need to love one.

Le Tour Babe


8 responses to “About

  1. EPA

    Is there a road race going on in France or something? 😉

    I’ve been out riding single track and don’t have cable.
    I heard from a lady that Barry Bonds was going to ride in the tour this year…

  2. berto

    Riding bikes is for the birds! They should add an SUV offroad division to the race. That way we can see how fast spectators move out of the way..now that would a fun race to watch on Versus (The Outoftheway Channel)

    Hope all is well!

  3. Nice work Vicky. So what happens now? Will you cover the Tour of Britain? Or disappear over a Col?

  4. letourbabe

    If I can recover from the Tour, maybe I’ll follow the Olympics.

  5. walshworld

    Le Tour, toujours le Tour! As a hard-core Francophile and college French major who loves all things French and all things cycling, the tour is THE sporting event of the year and nothing comes close.

  6. CS

    Tour is on channel 64. Nice coverage, beautiful.

  7. William

    Hi Vicky, awesome ride/conversation today I would of kept riding….

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