Vos Wins Women’s Tour de France

lacourseMarianne Vos of the Netherlands, (right), crosses the finish line ahead of Kirsten Wild of The Netherlands and Leah Kirchmann of Canada to win La Course. Photo by Laurent Rebours/AP.

Marianne Vos won the women’s Tour de France on Sunday in the Champs Elysees. The women’s race was held two hours before the men’s race began. Vos won the sprint after the 57-mile race, (13 laps) around Paris.

Vos took home the 22,500 Euro prize (about $30,000), which is the same amount the men get for winning a stage in the Tour.

women's podiumLa Course podium: 1. Marianne Vos (center), 2. Kirsten Wild (right), 3. Leah Kirchmann (left). Americans Shelley Olds and Coryn Rivera (not pictured) got fifth and sixth.

La Course is a revival of sorts. Until 2009, the women’s version of the Tour de France was called La Grand Boucle Feminin. The event, which was much shorter than the 21 days that the men raced, struggled financially and faded away. This year is the first time the women race on the same day as the men. Maybe in the future we’ll see a true multi-week Tour de France for les dames!



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