Get the Bus Outta Here!

Orica-Greenedge bus stuck at finish line.


What would do if you had an appointment to get your hair done at 3:30 p.m. and then the salon calls you at 2:55 to say the appointment is now at 3? And then the salon calls back at 3:15 to say it’s returned to 3:30? Well, that’s sort of what happened in today’s opening stage of the 100th Tour de France. The 132-mile race on the island of Corsica turned chaotic when a team bus got stuck under the finish banner. Meanwhile, racers were only minutes away. In the panic, race officials decided to move the finish line back two miles.

As the bus driver remained in the coach, dismayed with his hands over his face, other folks with some brains deflated the tires, which then freed the bus from bondage. And then, race officials moved the finish back to the original finish line. Can you imagine all the confusion?

In the meantime, nervous jitters resulted in several crashes. Germany’s Marcel Kittle, who managed to avoid the mayhem, won the stage and will wear the yellow leader’s jersey tomorrow.


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