Tour Couture

Le Tour Babe’s Jersey Picks

This year’s award for best-looking jersey goes to Team Sky. The black and blue tops are simple, sophisticated and uncluttered from all those important sponsorship logos. Sky’s jersey passes the runway test. Although not smart for riding in summer heat, the outfits are très Ralph Lauren. But the team should leave their white kits at home.

There is little competition for the worst jersey in this year’s Tour. Hands down, it’s Footon. Not even Fast Actin’ Tinactin can help. The skin-toned tops with a dark brown footprint look amateur, bland and dirty. And the shorts? They might as well ride naked. Like a stinky foot, this outfit turns my  head away. Pue!

The maillot jaune, or yellow leader’s jersey, is the most coveted in cycling. No doubt, it was a race organizer not a fashion designer who picked yellow in 1913. What did they know back then?


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