C’est Fini for Armstrong

Andy Schleck wins Stage 8 as Armstrong hits bad luck

Armstrong at the end of Stage 8.

Lance Armstrong’s hopes for an eighth Tour de France victory ended today when he crashed three times during the 118 mile race from Station des Rousses to Morzine-Avoriaz. As a result, he finished more than eleven minutes behind the race leaders.

“It just went from bad to worse,” Armstrong told French television. “I had a bad day. I’ve had a lot of good days at the Tour. This Tour is finished for me.” Armstrong says he will stay in the race and work for his teammate Levi Leipheimer who is now RadioShack’s best chance for a podium finish in Paris.

Schleck wins Stage 8.

In the final mile of the race, Andy Schleck attacked the lead group that contained all the Tour top contenders except Armstrong. Surprisingly, defending Tour champion Alberto Contador was unable to follow Schleck– a sign that Contador may be vulnerable. Only Sammy Sanchez grabbed the Luxembourger’s wheel. Schleck  nipped Sanchez at the line to win the day at the top of the high-altitude mountain resort. Armstrong crossed the finish line bleeding from the knee and elbow and mentally beaten. Que triste.

It was a good day for Cadel Evans who now wears the yellow jersey as the Tour’s race leader. He’s been in yellow in previous Tours and has never been able to keep it. But will he this year?

Monday is the first rest day in the Tour. There are still twelve more days of racing, 1288 miles to go!



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4 responses to “C’est Fini for Armstrong

  1. Tim

    Schleck looked good, didn’t he? The ten seconds he gained was trivial. But now he knows he can beat Contador, rather than just thinking he can. And that makes all the difference!

    It was a terrible way for Lance to bow out. No one deserved the rotten luck he had yesterday, let alone a 7-ime champion. What a shame.


    • letourbabe

      Schleck’s performance on Sunday was a good boost to his confidence. He got added inspiration to do well for his injured brother Frank. It’s nice to see a potential Tour champion win a stage. I’m rooting for Schleck because he’s talented and genuine.

      As for Lance, it’s certainly a sad day.

  2. CS

    Watched the tour on TV ( channel 64) until passed 11 pm. It was beautiful to watch. Has anyone on this blog ever rode the course? I was surprised to see the old VW Buses parked along side the rode. It was hard to gain perspective of how the road’s elevation grade change( steepness, flats, ect…)?

  3. letourbabe

    You’re right. It’s hard to tell how steep the climbs are on television. I was in France for the Tour in 2003. It’s an incredible experience up close!

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