Bring Back the Cobbles!

Do I hear a second on that?

Today’s Stage 4 of the Tour de France was a flat and mostly uneventful 94-miles from Cabrai to Reimzzzzzzzz….  (Sorry, I dozed off for a second.)  After three days of exciting, albeit dangerous, racing, today was one of those typical early stages where the real thrills begin at the end.

Alessandro Petacchi wins Stage 4.

In the lead-up to the finish line, all eyes were on Mark Cavendish, considered the world’s fastest sprinter, and green jersey holder Thor Hushovd. While those two were bumping elbows and leaning on each others’ shoulders, Alessandro Petacchi shot off to the side to win his second stage in this year’s tour. (He also won Stage One in Brussels.) Cav, equally unimpressed with himself, sat up and stopped pedaling well before the finish line.

I admit, I don’t like seeing talented cyclists get hurt, but yesterday’s cobblestones had a certain je ne sais quoi.



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2 responses to “Bring Back the Cobbles!

  1. Tim

    Stages like yesterday’s are often less exciting, aren’t they, especially when the sprint doesn’t live up to expectations.

    It’s just a matter of balance, though. You couldn’t have 21 days of cobbles and mountains without killing the riders, and these flat transition stages help get them all from A to B – from the north down to the Alps in this case.

    Also, without these flat stages, we wouldn’t have any sprinters at all – I can’t imagine they’d soft-pedal up and down the Alps and Pyrenees just for the fun of it …

    Two more days of sprints, and then the serious business starts for the GC boys. Can’t wait!

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