Tour Reality?

Podium girls give Jérôme Pineau the polka dot hill climbers jersey in Stage 2.

Who will be The Next Tour de France Podium Girl? That’s the title of the new reality television show to air on Fox starting in September. Millions of jolies filles are expected to audition in Vegas, London and Montgomery, Alabama, for the honor to wear a polka dot dress with Minnie Mouse hair bows and to kiss Tour stage winners. Contestants will be drilled to see if they can find pockets on the back of a cycling jersey, to see if they can tell the difference between a pair of cycling cleats and ballerina slippers and to see how long they can hold a stuffed lion without sneezing.

George Hincapie with former-podium-girl-now-wife Melanie and daughter Julia Paris.

Fox hasn’t officially announced the show host, but it’s rumored to be 15-time Tour veteran George Hincapie, who took podium finishes to a new level when he married a podium girl. Ooh, l’amour!


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