Le Tour Grand Départ

Gladiator Rules in Netherlands Prologue

Fabian Cancellara, the man they call “Spartacus,” won today’s five-mile prologue at the Tour de France in Rotterdam. The Gladiator finished the race in ten minutes flat. Did you see those large, throbbing quads cross the finish line? Magnifique! Oh, and what about Cancellara’s big, genuine smile on the podium as he was awarded the yellow leader’s jersey? Kiss, kiss! He proved again today why he is the world time trial champion and why he should take over Russell Crowe’s next movie role.

Kudos to Tony Martin who held the lead time for several hours while all of the riders finished the prologue. Not bad taking second to a world champion.

The Shack Attack

Lance Armstrong finished fourth overall and beat his nemesis Alberto Contador by five seconds. Thousands of Dutch banged on barricades and cheered for the Texan who, just shy of his 39th birthday, is making the second comeback of his life after cancer. Contador is the best climber in the world, and he’ll probably win this Tour baring a crash or drug controversy, but Armstrong wouldn’t give The Pistol the pleasure of beating him today. Hmph!

Prologue top ten finishers

1. Cancellara (SAX) 8.9km (5 miles) in 10:00
2. Martin (HTC), at 0:10
3. Millar (GRM), at 0:20
4. Armstrong (RSH), at 0:22
5. Thomas (SKY), at 0:23
6. Contador (AST), at 0:27
7. Farrar (GRM), at 0:28
8. Leipheimer (RSH), at 0:28
9. Boasson Hagen (SKY), at 0:32
10. Gerdemann (MRM), at 0:35


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