Tour Stage 11 Prediction

tour stage 11Stage Eleven in the Tour de France is underway. It’s another flat stage, this time, 120 miles from Vatan to Saint Fargeau. (I wonder if that’s anything like Fargo, N.D.?)  Two riders are three minutes ahead of the peloton. Here’s my prediction: The peloton doddles along until six miles-to-go,  picks up speed and catches the breakaway shortly afterward. Britain’s Mark Cavendish, for whom commentators are struggling to find the appropriate nickname, wins the stage in a field sprint. Done.

But there’s more: Lance Armstrong stops along today’s race route to take a pee, meets a cute mademoiselle who offers him lemonade, makes her his girlfriend, fathers her first born, names the boy Tex and finishes the race with the same time as the peloton.

Let me know if I was far off.

Le Tour Babe

cav in lequipePost Script: Bull’s-eye! Today, Cav won his fourth stage in this year’s Tour. One detail I overlooked in the prediction: Cav also took the green jersey away from Thor Hushovd.


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  1. allez915

    Well done love. Great job on the web log. You have a fun and funny take on the tour. I like your organization also. Thanks for the blogroll add by the way. I’ve added you to mine.

    On the money BTW!


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