Tour Crosswinds: Sacré Bleu!

Thomas Voeckler wins Stage Five.

Thomas Voeckler wins Stage Five.

Those of us who live at the beach can appreciate the sea breeze, but Tour de France riders were cursing it today in Stage Five– 122 miles along the Mediterranean coast in Southern France. But the strong crosswinds worked in favor for Frenchman Thomas Voeckler, who started a breakaway in the first mile of the race and went on to win the stage. Voeckler had five other riders help him stay away from the peloton during the four and a half hours of racing. In the last three miles, Voeckler took off from his small break for a solo finish, shaking his head as he crossed the finish line in disbelief of his stage victory. You’d think because the Tour is in France that the French would dominate stage wins– but that isn’t so. Today, Voeckler proved otherwise. Trés bien.

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  1. walshworld

    Allo, tour Babe, I just discovered your tour blog. Chapeau! And thank you for linking to my blog. I’m still learning wordpress but will link to your aussi! Merci. I’ll be sure to check back in and keep writing!

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