Tour de France Stage 7: Pain in the Fog

Spaniard Luis-Leon Sanchez won today’s stage of the Tour de France– the most exciting stage so far. During the 99-mile route from Brioude to Aurillac, riders repeatedly attacked on steep mountain climbs and treacherous descents, through strong crosswinds and fog. The fast pace and difficult terrain took its toll: the peloton shredded to pieces. In the final miles, Sanchez broke away on the last downhill and flew solo into the finish. The top riders finished seconds behind him. Don’t miss the recap.

It was an extremely painful day for former French Champion Christophe Moreau, who quit mid-race. Frenchman Lillian Jegou abandoned after crashing into a tree. Ouch! And Garmin Chipotle’s Magnus Backstedt was forced to pull out because he didn’t beat the time cutoff.

Some race commentators say tomorrow’s 107-mile stage from Figeac to Toulouse should be easier than today. But after the pain and agony in stage seven, stage eight will be a beast.


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