Tour de France Stage 5: Ho Hum and Ah Ha

Don’t bother watching the first five hours of today’s Tour de France. But don’t miss the finish. U.S. team Columbia controlled the pace in the last few nerve-wracking corners helping its rider Mark Cavendish win the sprint– the young Brit’s first Tour stage victory. Watch the birds-eye-view replay when the Herculean-legged sprinters grind their gears full steam to the line. My quads burn just thinking about it.

The early part of the race was b-o-r-i-n-g. The cyclists rode toward Chateauroux at a snail’s pace. Several riders stopped to pee (oh, oui, oui!). A few laughed and chatted on what looked like a peloton picnic. One rider knocked over a spectator. Another crashed on a cobblestone median. There wasn’t much blood and sweat. Today’s race started at the end.


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