No Jersey Judges in the Tour

My mother thinks anyone can race in the Tour de France. She called today to find out why the race has already started when her boss’s husband, a 60-year-old New Jersey judge, hadn’t yet left for his European trip. The judge told my mother he was “going to ride at the Tour.” My mom thought that meant he was going to race in the Tour.

Order in the court! Only invited professional cycling teams made up of the world’s best cyclists are invited to race in the Tour. The judge is going to France to watch a few stages. He’s taking his bicycle and plans to ride the courses with other tourists before the actual stages begin. He will not be a competitor nor will his time count toward the winner’s yellow jersey. No, Mom. There are no New Jersey judges racing in this year’s Tour. Court dismissed!


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One response to “No Jersey Judges in the Tour

  1. kerry

    You gotta love a mom’s understanding of the world.

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