Le Tour for Cheap

In the United States, the Tour de France airs on Versus cable television channel, formerly the Outdoor Life Network. (I don’t know why they changed to such a dumb name.) Regardless, if you don’t have Versus, you’re stuck watching short Tour recaps online. Not good enough? Try buying Versus for a month.

Last week, I called my cable company and asked if I could subscribe to Versus for the month of July. I told the clerk that I didn’t care to have any other channel, just Versus. No other station airs the entire Tour– taped or live. The clerk said that I would have to upgrade my basic cable to expanded service, which would add Versus. She said there’s no extra charge for the cable guy to come out and connect or disconnect the station. Now, how many of you trust the cable company when it tells you there will be no more fees?

“How much is the upgrade?” I asked, waiting to hear an outrageous price. “Fifteen dollars,” she replied.

I’ve got Versus! I’ve got the Tour!


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